Pickering Beck

First whirl with a furl

Up to Pickering Beck for a quick session. The main object of the exercise was to try, for the first time, a furled leader. I’ve read a lot about these and some class anglers swear by them, so thought I’d better give it a go. I was a little apprehensive on two counts. First whether […]

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River Seven, Yorkshire

Sacre bleu! It works!

For the past year or so I’ve been seeing a lot about so-called French nymphing, a mysterious Tenkara-ish system where you use a long, light rod, long leader with no need for fly line, and a heavy nymph with a dropper. You don’t cast the fly in the conventional way – you can’t because you […]

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Scourie diary 2018: Thrills and spills in the hills

Day Zero Up early for the 10 hour drive to the wild moonscape of north-west Sutherland for four days of intensive fishing. For several months I’ve been rehearsing in my mind exactly how I’ll go about nailing a number of large trout. Now to put the plans into action. My weapon of attack will be […]

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Thornton Beck

A brief lesson in humility

To Thornton Beck for the first time this season. A lovely little stream close to the Dalby Forest and chock-full of tiny wild brown trout. The portents were good: gorgeous bit of mid-May sunshine, 20C on the dial and not much breeze. I was looking forward to filling my boots. It’s a tight water with […]

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Small stream fishing

Small stream, big fish

With the sun still shining I headed across to a small, lightly fished chalkstream that wends its way through some serious jungle. This is strangulated fishing at its most challenging but there are some big beasts in the water so I had to be prepared – hefty tippet and a landing net are crucial. Clear […]

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