Sea fishing

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

To Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast for a family holiday. I managed to persuade my wife that of course we could get my sea fishing kit into the car, together with luggage, dogs etc. The tripod is so long that it had to rest horizontally across the top of the seats, with the pointed ends […]

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Pickering Beck

Probably one to forget…

Even pre-fishing the day didn’t start off so well. I went to the ATM in the local shop to get some cash out and it failed to recognise the PIN I put in. So I’d had a senior moment and misremembered my number and the card got blocked. Bah. So off to Pickering Beck, trying […]

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River Seven, Yorkshire

Tamed by the tamer beat of the Seven

Most of my attention on the River Seven lately has been on the new stretch, a tumbling, boulder-strewn frenetic moorland river. Time therefore to see how the lower beat is faring – a more sedate section of the river, in keeping with the gentler contours of the surrounding farmland. The day had a faint nip […]

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