Lower Derwent fishing

Another day, another blank


Not wholly surprised, despite my self-confessed optimism. It had rained overnight and a bit of a downpour in the morning. The water was still within the banks and at a reasonable level, but had taken on a somewhat unappealing grey hue. Also the wind had picked up a bit since yesterday. I fished for about 80 minutes until the light went shortly after 4pm. I was surprised to get a couple of small touches, but these produced nothing. I’ve lost my best ledger weight so until the next visit to the tackle shop it’s a case of using one that is too heavy or one that is too light. I plumped for the latter today and it got a right biffing from the current. My rod tip was performing a merry little dance. Having said that, even the heavy weight gets pulled around somewhat. But it’s such a lump that I think it spooks any fish that give the bait a tug. Not to worry. Until next time!

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