Lower Derwent fishing

Coarsening the tone


My fishing week did not get off to an auspicious start. On Monday I headed off on the 50 minute trip to have a go at the Seven just west of Pickering in North Yorkshire. Ten minutes from my destination I suddenly realised I forgotten to put my flipping waders in the car. Cue Homer Simpson-esque “D’Oh!” plus some other choice words. So abandoned that and will have another go tomorrow. On the way home bought a pint of maggots to have the first coarse outing of the season on the stretch of Lower Derwent that runs down the bottom of the field next to my house. So that’s what I did today.

The water had dropped after the recent rain and my swim looked good. I was fishing close in, just to the right of the lilies in about 9 ft of water:


But the real interest of the day was to try out my new reel. I am a bit embarrassed about this piece of kit to be honest in that someone of my relative incompetence at coarse fishing is probably not worthy of this Rolls Royce of the reel world:


It’s a Chris Lythe centrepin, a Scotton Long Trotter. My wife bought it for me for my 50th birthday. Thing is though it took rather a long time to arrive. Chris is a great reel engineer and a gentleman and was until recently a member of my fishing club in Pickering. Some years ago I got chatting to Chris and asked how long the waiting list was for one of his reels. Eighteen months he said. At the time my 50th was in about a year, so a delay of six months for a birthday present wasn’t terminal, so my dear wife ordered one for me. It was delivered a few months ago. I shall be 56 in a few days…

Anyhow, it is a gorgeous piece of kit. I’m a centrepin novice so wasn’t sure how I’d get on. But in the event it was lovely (once I realised I’d put it on the wrong way round).

Fished for a couple of hours and picked up a nice selection of small coarse fish. First up a little perch:


Followed in short measure by quite a nice roach (rod rest is 7″ wide):


Then a few wee chub of this ilk:


Another little roach, a couple more chub and finally a small dace:


Just needed a gudgeon to pretty much complete the set in this water (you do also get the odd bream and hybrid). Anyway, a nice couple of hours on a centrepin. Tomorrow back to the business of trout on the fly.

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