Sea fishing

A load of old pollocks (well, one anyway)


Up to Staithes, a ridiculously pretty fishing village nestling between the cliffs of the North Yorkshire coast:


My pal Rob and I are off for a six-hour boat trip bouncing lead of the bottom of the North Sea in the hope of picking up a fish or three for the plate. If fly fishing is the most subtle expression of angling, then this surely is the least. Eight anglers on the boat and we steamed out for half an hour or so before letting the lines go. Generally jigging lures like this, weighted down with a large lump of lead:


but switching to feathers if the mackerel were likely to show.

We fished over a mixture of wrecks and softer ground and had a decent day as far as I am concerned: between us Rob and I pulled out five codling, four mackerel, a pollock, a gurnard and a whiting. Plenty enough for tea, and some:


Then back to base:


A fine day on the briny.

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