Lower Derwent fishing

The fickle Gods of angling…


Well, you can never tell. It was a horrible day – wind gusting strongly from the north-west taking the temperature down to around zero. I wasn’t overly hopeful when I went down at about 2.30 pm. Lobbed a feeder of red maggots into the middle of the river and waited. The wind was causing the quiver tip to dance merrily, which was an annoyance. Anyhow, after another cast started to get a bit of action. Missed a few strikes but then connected with a really nice chub. Probably around 2lb, which is excellent for me. Having at last given me a break the great Gods of angling then decided to have some fun. For a start the pic I took of the fish was not on my phone when I got home, so that was a bugger. Suffice to say it looked a bit like this, only bigger:


I was feeling really chuffed. So of course what happened next was that when I cast again something felt wrong and I realised my quiver tip had detached from the rod and had joined the weight and bait at the end of the line. A minor bore but easily remedied. Except that once I had reinserted the tip and cast again, my line must have got tangled behind the spool because the cast was accompanied by that heart-sinking ‘snap!’ as the end gear sailed off into the middle distance no longer attached to the line. By the time I had re-rigged the action had all but died off.

But hey, I caught a really nice chub and I am getting increasingly confident that the fish are still there, still feeding and still waiting to be caught.

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