River Seven, Yorkshire

More fun in uncharted waters on the Yorks Seven


Like Livingstone seeking the source of the Amazon (I know, I know but you get the idea), I continued my odyssey towards the top end of the Seven. A nice gentle tail wind and the temperature hovering around 18 degrees. Perfect. I made my way to the last pool I had fished on the previous outing. The water looked bloomin’ magnificent:


While I was tackling up with the 3 wt six footer I spotted a couple of small rises so opted for an emerger. My fly box looked a bit deficient in the type of pattern I was after – something smallish with a skinny body and a decent foam head to keep it buoyant in the rougher water. Laziness on my part in not replenishing the stock. The allure of beer and crossword in the evening is usually too much to resist. Idle boy! Anyhow, I had something yellow that more or less fitted the bill so whacked that on. Four or five casts in it produce a not bad little critter:


Pulled a second one out of the same pool, a touch smaller. Then moved on. The water had a tinge of colour and looked the business. As always wading was tricky and I did slip twice during the session, getting a wet sleeve and bruised knee for my troubles.


The pools contained rising fish, and I continued to pick up with reasonable regularity, although nothing of any great size (there won’t be in this water):


After a couple of hours I stopped for something to eat. I’d had 11 fish to the hand, which was fine by me, and decided to switch tactics just to mix things up a bit. On went a size 16 goldhead hare’s ear with a view to exploring every bit of water that I could get the fly into. Some nice pools in between the runs, but not always highly accessible:


I’m not hugely confident with wet flies and I’m pretty sure I miss a lot of takes. Nevertheless, some of the grabs are so obvious that even I couldn’t fail to connect. Took this superbly spotted little fellow in one deepish pool:


Had a few more, including this nice one:spauntonfish4_16aug17

There are some interesting features in the water…the manicured Test it ain’t:


Anyhow, after about three and a half hours’ hard fishing I decided to call it a day. Nineteen fish to the hand, which I am more than happy with. These are the flies that did the damage, such as it was:


Will continue the journey to the end of the beat. Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Thanks Simon for another great post – really entertaining and informative. Glad to read that the new water is proving to be a continuing treat to explore. Thanks as well for the pictures – particularly the one of the flies you used. Cheers, Chris

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