Lower Derwent fishing

Yet more action!


Superb frost-bitten, sparkling winter’s day. Thermometer said minus 4 first thing, but by the time I went down to the river at about 2.30 pm, the temperature had risen to a cosy zero. No breeze and water still reasonably low. Loaded up the feeder with red maggots, with a double on the hook, and had a few chucks close to the middle of the swim. All quiet for the first half hour then a decent twang which became this nice little chub:


Went quiet for about an hour then started to get some gentle bites. Struck into a nice roach a bit under half a pound:


Had another four in pretty short measure before, presumably, the shoal moved on and in any event the light was fading. Five fish – things are looking up!

By the by, best tool for unpicking birds’ nests on your line (I had a little one today): undoubtedly the toothpick from a Swiss Army knife. Peerless!


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