Lower Derwent fishing

Nothing wrong with a dead maggot


I’m off down south for a few days and I knew I still had some maggots in the fridge that were getting on a bit so decided a quick session down at the river would be in order. I’d walked the dogs earlier and noted that the level was well down after the recent rain and the water looked ok – albeit still with a fair bit of pull on it.

I then discovered – or re-discovered – that leaving maggots in the fridge for any length of time in a sealed plastic bag is not good for their health. They were limp, floppy and lifeless. Nonetheless I thought I’d still give it a go for an hour or so.

As I say, despite being eminently fishable the river had a reasonably serious current on it:


I packed a feeder with deceased red maggots and flung it in. The tip of the rod pulled and tugged in  the current. The 50g feeder was the heaviest I had but not heavy enough to hold the bottom with any real zeal.

After about an hour without a touch but with a lot current-induced tip nuisance I was thinking of calling it a day when there was a distinct knock. This was followed by another then another. So I struck and met some pleasing resistance. I had a decent fish on. I could see it was a chub as it made its way into the bankside weed. It nearly got stuck there, but I managed to steer it out and into the net:


Poor photo I know, but this was a really nice fish and possibly the biggest chub I’ve taken from the river. The rod rest is 7″ wide, so I reckon the chub is a good 16-17″ long, maybe around 2lb. Not a monster by many people’s standards but I’m really happy with that. I thought there might be some more, but 20 minutes later still nothing so I came home. Nowt wrong with a dead maggot!

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