Lower Derwent fishing

And it continues…


I set up just before 3pm on a windless afternoon with a spot of welcome sun. The river had dropped by about another foot and looked enticing. Then I realised I’d forgotten to bring my phone (ie camera), so went to get it. Was this hubris? Would the fishing gods chuckle to themselves and ask who the hell does he think he is? Actually no! Twenty minutes in and the quiver tip started to shake and I was into a decent little roach:


Notice my startling new innovation. I found an old rod rest in my bag and used it to give some kind of scale (yes, scale, fish, very amusing) to the pictures. It’s 7 in wide.

Soon afterwards I was into a small chub:


Then another three roach. This was the best one, hopefully not far off a pound and as far as I am concerned a really nice fish:


I class that as a really satisfying session. Away now for a few days during which I gather the blob of high pressure that has been sitting over the country and accounting for the spectacular winter fishing weather will be drifting away. So probably back to the usual struggle. But an excellent few days.

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