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With the river fishing knocked on the head because of all the rain recently I headed up to Sandsend on the North Yorks coast to have a go at the marine life. What a gorgeous day! Turquoise sky, low sun casting long shadows, barely a breath of air. The carpark is not the most glamorous location but it’s easy and convenient:



High tide was due at about 4.15pm and I started fishing a couple of hours before that. I had some frozen black lug from yonks ago and a bit of squid and mackerel. I haven’t really got to grips with threading lugworm onto the hook but did my best. I couldn’t be bothered with bait elastic as I find it’s a nuisance to pick off all the bits when you come to re-bait. Laziness on my part no doubt has something to do with my lack of success at this lark. Anyhow, I baited up with the lug as best I could and tipped it off with some squid. Despite the lack of wind the sea was roiling around fairly boisterously, jerking the tip with some vigour. When it comes to shore fishing, distinguishing signal from noise is the trickiest thing for me. I’m sure that with experience you develop the angler’s sixth sense of detecting an anomolous movement of the rod tip amongst the constant bowing, bending and juddering, but I’m not there yet.

After around an hour and a half I’d had nothing. Occasionally my bait had clearly been got at, and maybe that was a crab. I switched to mackerel, a bait I like because it stays on the hook. The rod tip jiggered around a bit, which might or might not have been the current, but when I pulled the line in I could feel resistance and goodness gracious this little dab was on the end:


A turn up for the book. Also it hadn’t swallowed the hook so that was a bonus; it went back in unscathed. As darkness fell I had what looked like it could be another bite. Pulled in another dab, fractionally larger that the one above. I tried to take a pic but the darkness defeated my little Panasonic Lumix. No matter. At about 5.45 pm, pretty dark by now (I was using a head torch directed at the end of the rod), I had another twang and that produced a little codling about 10″ long. Again, no pic possible. That was it for the day. Three small fish – a marked upturn in my sea-fishing exploits but not enough for tea.


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