Sea fishing

Another day, another dab


Up to Sandsend again on a crisp, clear, frost-bitten December morning. High tide was due at around 11.30 am and I arrived at about 10 am. Ominously there was no-one else fishing and I was on my lonesome:


I suspect the locals know something that I don’t. Maybe the bright conditions keep the fish away. I stood around for over three hours freezing my knacks off in sub-zero temperatures. The sea was relatively benign and I did detect three or four distinct bites – which is actually encouraging, although I converted none of them.

Shortly before I had decided to call it a day I noticed a sustained tremor on the rod tip and gave it a wang. Pleasingly I found this on the end:


Yes indeedy, another dab. This was maybe 9-10″ from nose to tail, so the biggest one I’ve taken but sadly too small for dinner. That was it for the session. I may be easily pleased, but hanging around on the seaside in bright sunshine, albeit with no sensation in my hands or feet, is a fine way to while away a few hours. The fish was a nice bonus. I dropped by at the tackle shop in Whitby on the way home to pick up some more bait ready for the next outing. Hopelessly optimistic, me.


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