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Wake up trouty, spring’s here! (sort of)


Glory be, the first outing of the new season. The omens were good: the water had come down and there was a break in the grim weather we’d been having lately. The sun was out and the temperature rising – albeit from a brisky 7C, leaving faint steam on the breath. So it was up to Pickering to see if the trout had woken up. Well, they hadn’t. Or at any event I couldn’t rouse them. The water looked ok – a smidge coloured and running through a tad higher than usual, but what can you expect at this time of year. I tackled up with the usual 7ft 3wt Hardy Ultralite that I invariably use on this water and bunged a pretty hefty copper-head PTN on the end. I started fishing at just before 11 am. Nothing, unsurprisingly, was showing so it was a question of trying to get the nymph into likely looking spots. Nature had been doing a spot of furniture rearranging over the winter – this tree wasn’t here last year:

I plugged on and on through water like this:

and this:

Not a sniff. A few olives started to hatch but still no fish showing on the surface. I lost the PTN in a tree and replaced it with a similarly weighty hare’s ear. The trout were not interested in that either. I had high hopes in this slower stretch, which holds good numbers of decent-sized fish in the summer:

But the fish resolutely declined to cooperate. So in a nutshell that was it – over three hours of hard fishing without a touch. Last year I didn’t blank once, so maybe it’s time for the scales to be balanced. Disappointing? Not that much. It was a terrific day in the sun, the blackbirds and dippers were getting busy, a rabbit bobtailed along the bank and the kingfisher put in an appearance. It was good to be out in the water. The fish will come.

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    1. Cheers Dave – certainly hope so! (if the blummin rain ever stops)…

  1. It’s been a challenging start to the season, but optimism is rising. Spring is definitely trying to break through! Good luck

  2. Thanks Jon. Water levels seem to be dropping so next week maybe…

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