River Seven, Yorkshire

Oh dear, that didn’t last long.


Well, my little run of doubling the tally on each outing came to a somewhat abrupt end on the lower part of the Seven today. To be fair the portents weren’t that great. Summer seems to have disappeared as quickly as it arrived; a nasty wind (albeit behind me for most part – thank you for that) and temperatures not much above 12C with little sunshine.

The river was looking in fine nick having said that:

I tackled up with the usual Chas Burns 7.5ft 3wt, with a leader of around 11ft. I reckoned that perhaps the water had warmed up a bit over the past few days so the clunking 3mm tungsten nymph, which casts like a hand grenade, might not be needed. So in the absence of much fly life or surface activity I put on the smaller goldhead hare’s ear. Plugged away for an hour through water like this:

Not a sausage. I spotted some dibbly little rises up ahead so switched to a little emerger. I was hopeful, although I have seen these titchy disturbances before – small fish that are tricky to tempt. And so it proved. I flogged them for a dozen casts before they spooked off. Put on the heavy nymph with a sigh and flung it in here and there as best I could. I might have had a little pull in some deeper water, but if it was a fish it didn’t stick.

More nice water:

The pool below the tree holds good fish and I saw rises there, so it was back on with the emerger. Experience has taught me that these fish are canny and so it proved today. They weren’t interested in my clumsy offerings.

Carried on upstream. Amadou anyone?

Chopped and changed: emerger, heavy nymph, lighter nymph, spider, back to emerger, and so on. Saw a couple of rises and had two splashes at the fly but I was too slow. After three-and-a-half hard hours’ hard fishing with nothing to show for it I called it a day. Two blanks already this season. I’m going to have to up my game.

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  1. How does a newly “minted” grandfather get the time for such fun. I’m sure the numbers will improve.

  2. Haha. Thanks Geoff. I’m making hay while the sun doesn’t shine – they’re all descending next week!

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