River Seven, Yorkshire

Oh dear lovely Seven, have I done something to offend you?


Up to the topmost, wild stretch of the Seven on the North York Moors. The river looked as pretty as ever, although the weather wasn’t up to much: 14C, overcast and a bothersome brisk northerly breeze blowing directly into my face. As I tackled up on the bankside I spotted a few nice rises in a pool 30 metres downstream:

But by the time I’d blundered my way to its tail the rises had stopped and nothing was interested in my small parachute emerger. After that I barely saw a rise and only one or two fish darting in the clear water. I perservered with the emerger for another half hour to no avail before switching to a small goldhead hare’s ear. Fished it with little confidence through water like this:

But nothing doing. I reluctantly bunged on a heavier nymph, with a 3mm copper-coloured tungsten bead. Casting it through the overhanging branches was not easy. Anyway the fish were having none of it. In a long, slow stretch above a small weir I spotted some rare rises so it was back on with the emerger:

I touched two small fish but neither stuck. I expect I was so desperate to land something that I was over-eager on the lift. Disheartened I plugged on for another half hour or so but saw no more action. A third blank for the season, in contrast to last year when I didn’t blank at all; it looks like that may have been an abberation. The rivers are taking a while to get going. Ah well, next time.

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  1. Simon, might as well gets the blanks out of the way early. Season before last I caught every trip until my last, third week of December!

  2. I’ve blanked more often than I have caught this season on the Coquet in Northumberland. I think it’s down to the harsh spring weather we all endured. Still things are now starting to warm up at last. Great blog as usual.

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