Sea fishing off Staithes

Bagging up off Staithes


Not much water in the rivers at the moment, but thankfully still a fair bit in the sea. So it’s a 5am start and off up to Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast for a few hours in the boat fishing over rough ground and wrecks. The sun was shining and the sea was calm. The first few drifts over the rough ground were slow, but when we hit the wrecks the four of us began to haul in the fish, like this nice cod of maybe 3 lb:

It was pretty much consistent action after that, with a mixture of cod, pollack, coalies and mackerel. After five hours’ hard work we had a right old bucketful. Skipper Sean and fellow angler Chris sorting out our share:

Which turned out to be this:

That’ll keep the freezer stocked for a while.

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  1. Little rubbery lures (shads I believe) Dave. Pirks seem to have fallen out of fashion. Just as well – they seem to be designed to catch the bottom and we certainly lose a lot less of the rigs these days!

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