Pickering Beck

Heatwave over, but the fish are still hiding


England’s weather resembling that more akin to the south of Spain in high summer has its merits but it doesn’t do the angler many favours. So in that regard it was on the face of it good news that the sun had decided to bury its head for a while, even if the drop in temperature was pretty stark, 28C to 13C virtually overnight. Anyhow, I headed up to one of the upper beats on Pickering Beck to see if the fish had stirred into action. This part of the beck is above a weir, so is deepish and slow but holds a good head of decent-sized trout. It also has the most redundant gate in the world:

As per for this river I used the 7ft Hardy Marquis 3wt, persisting with the furled leader (although I added an extra few feet of fine tippet) and with the usual foam-head emerger (yawn) on the end. A few fish were rising but I couldn’t tempt any of them and in any event there were a couple of irascible-looking cows in the field so I couldn’t cover all the water from the bankside – it’s not really wadeable here. I made my way to the better part of the beat and got into the water. I’ve had a bagful of good fish from here in the past so was hopeful:

The water was low and clear and barely any fish were showing. After ten or fifteen minutes my concentration was wavering somewhat when I realised I had something on the end. It was quite a good brown of 12 or 13″ with a fine tail:

It’s pretty overgrown up here and I lost a couple of flies in the trees. Getting a fly into channels this narrow is beyond my skill:

But anyway I bagged another couple of small ones where the water opened out a bit:


And that was it for the session of just under two hours. I’d hoped for a bit more action but who said this business was ever predictable?

On a slightly different tack the river down the bottom of the field has been providing a few bits and pieces on the maggot. All small stuff but quite good for the species count.




Small bream:

And a nice little perch:

No monsters but good fun nonetheless.

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