River Seven, Yorkshire

Six from the Seven


To the lower stretch of the Seven on a day of broken cloud and a briskish breeze. The water looked pretty good, with the recent drop of rain adding a couple of inches in depth and a tinge of colour. I was optimistic as I started fishing at around 11.20 am with the 3wt and standard emerger:

The air was a little fresher than it has been and for the first ten minutes or so I didn’t see a single rise. In fact it was spookily quiet. I flogged away, putting the fly pretty much everywhere but concentrating on the overhangs and likely looking lies like these roots:

Out of the blue I got a take and was happily surprised to bring in a really nice brown of around 12″ – that is a belter for this water:

Fish started to show after that, albeit not in great numbers. Ten or fifteen minutes later I had another take – not so big this time:

Thereafter things went a bit quiet again, and the fish that were rising were also being unusually fussy, refusing to take my offering. I chopped and changed, albeit sticking to the faithful emerger but trying different colours, orange, purple, claret. Got snagged a couple of times on the copious growth of balsam along one bank on the wilder stretch of the beat:

I tried a tiny Griffiths gnat but gave up because I couldn’t see it. Had a go with a small goldhead, but wasn’t confident so back with the emerger and picked up four more, typically like this one:

After a bit over two hours it started to spot with rain so I called it a day. Half a dozen isn’t to be sniffed at, but secretly I was hoping for a few more.


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  1. Hi Simon, glad to hear that a few fish were (very tentatively) showing on the Seven this week. I was out on Monday for an hour and didn’t have any interest at all or see any fish. I struggle with seeing small flies too. I’ve started to put a small piece of fluorescent float putty on the line about 3ft above the fly. This acts as either a sighter to give me a good idea of where to look, or as an indicator that I watch instead of the fly itself.

  2. Thanks for that Chris. I’ve always been a bit sniffy about indicators (irrationally) but can feel myself coming around. I’ll check out the link. Ta.

  3. Simon, I also struggle with seeing my dry, particularly as the light fades. A friend of mine just watches for the take, but unless I can see the fly and any drag I’m not happy. I often end up with a parachute or klink, simply so I can see it.
    Enjoying your blog and excellent photographs.

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