Pickering Beck

Too low, too slow, too clear


If a poor workman blames his tools then I suppose the incompetent angler blames the conditions. I had a swift session on the Duchy beat of the Pickering beck yesterday but it was hopeless. The water was still very low, flowing slowly and as clear as I’ve seen it. It looked pretty enough:

But hardly anything was rising and the fish I did see in the water were highly spooky. Suffice it to say that half an hour with a small goldhead and an hour with a size 16 emerger produced not even a take. Oh well, it happens I suppose and it’s pretty much been the story of the season.

The lower Derwent at the bottom of the field has been a bit livelier with the maggot. Had a few nice chub around the pound mark the other day:

But I’d rather have the trout. Next time maybe.

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