Sea fishing

Whiting galore in sunny Aldeburgh


Off for a week to the posh and pretty seaside town of Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast:

For reasons too complicated to explain here there wasn’t enough room in the car for my sea fishing kit, but fortunately the tackle shop down the road in Saxmundham had gear for hire, so I grabbed a rod and some rigs together with some squid and mackerel for bait. The fishing here is thankfully unchallenging. I could simply saunter out of the cottage and straight to the water to set up the simple outfit:

I’m still pretty much a novice at this lark and have had only modest success in the past so wasn’t holding my breath. But within 20 minutes of starting the end of the rod started jerking manically and I gave it a heave. There was pleasing resistance and I hauled in what turned out to be a little dogfish. Its skin was like Desperate Dan’s chin. A passer-by offered to take a pic. He didn’t get the best angle but never mind:

Well that was a bonus. Over the next few sessions in a fairly calm sea at various states of the tide I was getting bites galore in the form of little taps and knocks. Mostly I missed them, but now and then one stuck:

Or occasionally two:

Yes, little whiting (I had a couple last year which I misidentified as codling). Over the two days that I fished I must have had around 20 in total. Good fun and a boost for the confidence.

Meanwhile I’ve had a few sessions on the river down the bottom of the field. I’ve caught about 2000 gudgeon on ledgered maggot. But I did get one very subtle bite, which took the quiver tip in a really gentle arc of about 1 centimetre so I struck and was rewarded by what is for me a really nice perch, maybe a pound:

Hopefully this week I might make it up to the grayling waters with the French nymphing outfit.

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  1. Pity I’m so far from the coast here I quite fancy a bit of SWFF looks great fun.
    Aren’t Perch just lovely proper bandits with those stripes, I had a lovely 2lber from Malham Tarn some years ago.

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