Lower Derwent fishing

Lovely chubbly! (for a bit anyway)


Managed to get up the Seven for a shot at the grayling only once over the past couple of weeks. Despite the deluge of rain last sunday the water was only up by two or three inches. I gave the French leader a go as best I could but it was hopeless, nothing doing at all. Not great for the confidence.

Anyhow, I have been amusing myself with maggot on the feeder on the Lower Derwent down the bottom of the field:

Funny thing is that for a few days there was nothing but gudgeon, gudgeon, gudgeon. I don’t mind that much, it’s still action of a sort. But then the gudgeon seemed to disappear. I’d cast in the feeder and for about 20 minutes nothing would happen, then there’s be an almighty wang on the rod tip, I’d strike, get some thrillingly solid resistance and pull in a nice chub of around 1-1.5 lb:

So I’d catch two or three of these in fairly quick succession (losing more than one I should say), then it’d all go dead and that would be it. Over about three sessions I managed a good half dozen like this – the rod rest in the pic is 7″ long:

I know Matt Hayes would describe these as ‘nice little chub’ but as far as I’m concerned they’re real crackers. The rain last week put about two foot of height on the water, which did it some good. But then the level dropped again to at least as low as it has been all summer and things reverted to normal:

Now that’s ‘a nice little chub’ (if it is a chub). Actually, I think it takes a bit of skill to hook a fish that small on the ledger; bites are signalled by only by tiny, intermittent tremors on the rod tip. Having said that I probably converted about one in twenty strikes into a fish, so maybe more luck than judgement.

No more rain forecast for a while, so I think I’m going to struggle whether its on the fly or the maggot.

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