Sea fishing

The cruel sea…


River flooded out so it’s on with the longjohns and off to Sandsend on the North Yorks coast to see if I can fare any better than in the past. Have been here maybe eight or nine times and for all those hours’ effort have produced two small flatfish. This is hardly the most challenging venue. Basically you get out of your car, set up your rod and get fishing:


A great setting though, with cliffs to the left and Whitby to the right, just about visible through the haze today:


But if you are a man of advancing years for whom the call of nature is only ever a few minutes away, the real attraction of this venue is this:


Arrived about 90 minutes before high tide (wisdom says best time to fish is 2h either side of high tide) to find one local already set up. Surprised not to see more people – it’s a popular spot – but maybe the cannier anglers know something we novices do not. Anyhow, rigged up and stuck a bit of squid and mackerel on the hook. Bunged it out and the line was immediately dragged to the left by a powerful current. Nuisance as it meant the rod tip was constantly twanging around making any bite difficult to detect (for me at any rate). Needn’t have worried because bites came there none. Two and a half hours later without any sign of a fish I called it a day. But what the hell, there are worse ways to while away the hours.

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