Pickering Beck

A modest welcome to the New Year


Up to Pickering Beck with the French leader outfit. Pretty nippy at 3C but no real breeze to speak of. The water was low and surprisingly clear. On with the hot pink copper-headed nymph to the point and, as per suggestions passim, a dropper fly – a size 16 gold headed hare’s ear.

A couple of the club’s lads were fishing with maggots and had had a few grayling, so the fish were there and if they weren’t taking my offerings then that would be no-one’s fault but my own.

After half an hour of no action I came to a prolific pool:

And lo and behold a twitch on the line produced this:

And of course it took the dropper…

Flogged on for another 90 minutes or so to no avail. Well, one is better than nothing and as always I’d rather be in the water than not, so no complaints from me.

The only other notable thing about the day was a first fishing outing for a new hat. The conundrum in this cold weather is how to keep the ears warm but still get some shade over the eyes. So I got a flat cap with ear flaps that can fold down and clip under your chin, or else be folded up over the head if you don’t need them:

Naturally you have to accept that you’ll look something of a tit, but I can live with that.

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  1. For one terrible moment there (ie the first sentence) I thought you may have headed upriver dressed as Napoleon!
    Thank goodness I read on 😉
    Hoping you great catches in the New Year

  2. Hahaha. Come to think of it I’d look less of a tit than I do in my hat with ear flaps down.

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