Lower Derwent fishing

Brace of nice chub breaks Derwent drought


The river down at the bottom of the field – the Lower Derwent – has been rubbish lately. It’s been well up, right over the banks and the colour of milky tea, for much of the past couple of weeks. But over the last few days it has started to drop and fine out.

I’ve had three or four sessions when it has been just about fishable, but they’ve been fruitless. Cold and miserable. I went down a couple of days ago with high hopes – the water had dropped to well within the banks and it definitely looked fishy. Zilch.

I had another go yesterday, fishing the usual swim and putting the feeder-full of red maggots out towards the tip of the tree on the right:

For the first half hour or so nothing happened I and feared it would be same old, same old. The water was still moving fairly quickly and the quiver tip was oscillating constantly – a nuisance that made bite detection problematic. But then there was a definite wang on the end of the rod. I gave it a yank and pulled in…nothing. Not even the hook length. I’m assuming I connected with a decent fish and snapped the line on the strike.

Buoyed by that I retackled and chucked the feeder in again and a few moments later had a definite take. This time it stuck: not a bad chub for these parts:

And a few minutes after that another one, a fraction smaller:

I thought I might be in for a field day, but after missing a couple of strikes it all went dead and that was it for the two-hour session. The water’s still dropping and the temperature has gone up a notch – but the flippin wind is howling. So we’ll have to wait a bit for another crack.

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    1. Yeah, dead lucky I agree Dave. Re bait, one day I will push the boat out and have a go with something other than red maggot. Quite fancy a big, black slug…

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