River Seven, Yorkshire

Temperature up a shade, but fish still hard to come by


Hard work on the lower beat of the Seven today, despite the temperatures soaring to a heady 11C. That irksome easterly was still blowing hard though and the fish are keeping their heads down.

I fished a lot of water but for scant reward. Started prospecting with a single pheasant tail on the 9ft 4wt with furled leader and shortish tippet. I covered a couple of rising fish but they weren’t interested. I swapped to a team of three spiders and flogged away. Saw a rise on this run:

And finally managed to connect on the hare’s lug and plover on the point:

Had another one a bit further up, on the middle fly – can’t recall the name of the pattern, but it had a peacock herl body:

Connected with a couple more but they slipped the hook. Two small fish for around 4 hours’ effort. I was hoping for a bit more action than that, but can’t complain too much. The weather people tell us things are going to warm up somewhat in the coming days. Let’s see if that gets things going.

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