Pickering Beck

Stewart’s black spider saves the day


A spot of unexpected sunshine, so after dropping number 1 daughter at Leeds Bradford airport for a hen do in Nice I sped across to Pickering to see if the fish were moving.

The temperature had dropped, only about 11C, but the water looked bonny enough:

I tackled up the Hardy Marquis 7ft 3wt with a four foot leader and put a black and peacock on the point and snipe and purple on the dropper. A few fish were rising and I had three on in fairly short measure but they all came off. Perhaps it was going to be one of those days. After a fruitless further hour or so I switched the point fly to a size 16 Stewart’s black spider, crudely tied as all my flies seem to be:

But it eventually did the trick, snaring a nice stocked fish by the hut:

It remained hard going. I lost another couple more before picking up a brace, both on the Stewart:

And that was my lot for around three hours’ fishing. A better angler than me would have had a dozen.

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