Sea fishing

Blankety blank. Again.


Another forlorn trip to Sandsend. A lovely day and a surprisingly high sea with a fair old swell on it. Arrived around 3 pm. In the distance a sunlit Whitby was magnificent:


The sea pulled and jerked at the rod tip with some violence, making bites all but impossible to discern. I reckon I got a few little judders and occasionally the mackerel on the end had disappeared or had been denuded somewhat. But nothing. As darkness fell I was hoping for a change in luck. Put on the head torch and directed it at the rod tip. I have put some reflective tape on the tip. It glows! It doesn’t actually look much like this, but you get the picture – the world is black but the tip is white:


Nothing doing. But a  fellow angler gave me some leftover bait for the freezer and two chocolate biscuits. What a nice chap!

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