River Seven, Yorkshire

The best laid plans…


So the idea was to hit the weir pool stretch on the Seven with the French leader outfit, pull out half a dozen or so of the better browns then head upstream with the 7.5 ft rod and a team of spider and pull out another hatful.

It didn’t quite pan out that way. I can’t blame the conditions. The weather was fine, a bit of sun, a touch of cloud and a gentle tailwind. But the fish weren’t playing ball. I did hook and lose about five decent ones in the weir pool while short-lining heavy nymphs on the 10ft rod, but ended up landing only one tiddler of about three inches.

Upstream the river looked good and fish were rising:

I had a team of three spiders on the cast and kept putting them nicely over rising fish but they were having none of it. Reluctantly after a good hour I reverted to emergers of various size and colours, but even then the fish were being really picky. Finally I managed to get another tiny one:

Followed, eventually, by two better browns:

But boy was that hard work: four fish in around five hours of fishing and a lot of water covered. Not a blank but disappointing given the apparently favourable conditions and the effort.

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