River Seven, Yorkshire

Where has my fishing mojo gone?


To the lower beat of the Seven at Sinnington to bag a hatful on spiders. The weather was fine – sun breaking through the cloud, a rather sticky 19C and a nice tailwind. The river looked in good enough fettle, up a few inches after the rain and a useful drop of colour:

I started off with a trio of small spiders on the 7.5ft Burns. Not many fish were showing and I covered those that did to no avail. An hour went by with nothing to show. Then I had a tiddler on the black and peacock on the point:

I lost another, hooked a small grayling that got off just as I was bringing it to hand, then everything went quiet. I abandoned the spiders after a couple of hours and put on an emerger. Eventually picked up another microtrout:

Lost another slightly better fish and that was the lot for something over three hours’ hard effort. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m finding it a struggle this season.

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