Lower Derwent fishing

Some solace from the slower water


First up, I had a couple of hours on the lower beat of the Seven last week. Same old story of the season, only one fish. This was on a tungsten beaded nymph:

Well, no blank I suppose.

Anyhow, today I repaired to the Derwent down the bottom of the field to see if anything was interested in a maggot. Talking of maggots, I’ve had some in the fridge for about three weeks and dear god they are disgusting. A slimy mess that reeks to high heaven. So number one priority today was to get rid of that lot.

I haven’t been down for a while and had to thrash away at the overgrown nettles on my peg to make a cosy nest:

It was glorious, quite warm and without a breath of wind. I filled the feeder with sloppy maggots and cast out. Soon the rod tip was quaking and I pulled in the inevitable gudgeon or three.

But things started to look up a tad when I struck and was met by somewhat more resistance. A nice chub of around a pound:

Then a couple more like this size. Is this a chublet?

Followed by a bleak, then this handsome little perch:

And of course a few more gudgeon. Great fun though and nice to feel a pull on the rod. Will maybe manage one more trout session this season. I daren’t hope that the tide will turn.

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  1. Lovely mixed bag there. I would hazard a guess that the tiddler is a roach. Even little Chub have big gobs. I wish I had my own river 🙂


  2. Ah, thanks for the i.d. Dave. I find it hard to distinguish the little ones. And indeed some of the bigger ones!

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