River Seven, Yorkshire

Poor season ends with a…whimper


Well, it was my last outing of the trout season today and I was hoping things might take a turn for the better. I decided to head to the weir pool stretch on the lower beat of the Seven. This has some nice fish in it and I wanted to hoik out one or two with heavy nymphs.

I thought the water would be well up given the torrential rain we had here yesterday. It was reasonable I suppose, with a hint of colour, but not as high as I had hoped or expected. I started just beyond the cattle barrier on the other side of the bridge:

I used the 10ft 3wt Snowbee, no flyline just nylon, and these two tungsten-beaded flies:

I tossed them in here and there to no avail for the first ten minutes or so and eventually had a result. A small brown which annoyingly is slightly out of focus:

This was followed two or three casts later by another very similar:

These two little ones at least gave me confidence in the method and in the flies and I thought I might be in for a few more – perhaps even slightly bigger ones. Ha, that was too much to hope for. I fished for another hour or so, making my way the weir pool:

There are good fish lurking in here but they weren’t cooperating today and I caught no more. So that’s it for the 2019 trout season, one of the poorest I can recall. I must be doing something wrong. We’ll put it all right next year…

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  1. Thanks for all of your blog stories for the season. They always make me chuckle as I identify your mishaps with my own.
    Will you be regaling us with coarse/sea fishing exploits over the coming months?



    1. Many thanks Dave, much appreciated. Trout season has been one long mishap this year! Still, mustn’t grumble. I had a few sessions with the sea rod off the shingle at Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast earlier this month – not a sausage. Hope that’s not an omen… Tight lines! Simon

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