Lower Derwent fishing

Cracking finale to coarse season


The sun shone and the wind dropped for the final day of the coarse season so I popped down to the river. Water was still high after all the recent rain but crucially was falling. I had fished it a couple of times over the past week or so but it was higher and the wind caused problems, so naturally blanked. But the last day was good. Cast in with feeder of red maggots and got and missed a bite almost immediately. From then on it was pretty much constant action. Several decent chub in the half-pound range then a couple of crackers more like a pound and a half. The best one was this (rod rest 7 in wide):


Had a nice roach:


And then this, which I could not identify. It was chubbish but entirely silver. Not deep or flat enough for a bream or skimmer (to my untutored eye), so if it was a dace it was a corker. Maybe a roach/bream hybrid?:


Anyow, nine fish (I think) in all from a two-hour session and that is an excellent result. Hopefully it bodes well for the trout season…


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