River Seven, Yorkshire

Better, but still rather feeble


Up to the top beat of the Seven at Spaunton Moor under intermittent bright sun and in a gentle breeze. As ever I had high hopes and the river didn’t look at all bad – if a tad low and very clear. But it always raises the spirits:

I bunged a small foam-headed emerger on the Chas Burns 7.5-footer with furled leader:

There were one or two rises but not masses, and in the first fifteen minutes I had one splashy offer but that was it. Then I did hit a nice little fish:

But it remained somewhat of a struggle after that. I couldn’t work out what the fish were rising to and chopped and changed the fly, putting on a nymph then a size 22 gnat, then back to emergers of varying size and colour. I took two tiddlers on the emerger, the first having presumably had a run-in with a heron or similar judging by the sizeable nick in his dorsal fin:

There were some tasty rises near the raft of scum at this natural dam, but no way of getting a fly there – my days of clambering over stuff like this are over:

On this shallow, clear stretch I could see many little fish and while they’d turn and have a good look at my fly they’d invariably turn tail and ignore it:

Eventually I switched to a couple of weighted nymphs and fished them as best I could French leader style on the short rod. It yielded another tiddler which made up in colouring what it lacked in bulk:

Called it a day after a bit over two hours. Four fish, only one of which was of any size at all. Not too disappointed, but I was secretly hoping for more.

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  1. Simon, so good that you are back ! Missed your trips, that always sound very similar to my mine . I have visited the Rye twice , low and hot. Enjoyed watching the sand martins bombing ‘ into their holes into the river banks. They were not bothering picking up insects from the river, giving a clue what’s going on. Trust you and yours are well.

  2. Thanks Ken, yes good to be back! The wildlife is always a nice distraction when the fish aren’t playing ball – saw the heron and a couple of deer. A bit more water and we might be in business!

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