River Seven, Yorkshire

More skill needed


To the lower beat of the Seven on a hot, bright day, with the water low and clear. Mayfly were coming off sporadically and the odd fish was rising. I knew it would be tough and I wasn’t wrong.

I chopped and changed the fly, but reckon that the fish could see the leader easily enough so weren’t fooled. Anyhow, I dropped this fly, a mayfly-ish emerger:

On a rise that I saw in run just below the concrete culvert towards the left in this pic:

And happily picked up this fish:

I had one more, a bit smaller, but it didn’t want to be photographed. I hooked and lost a further three. A rather modest return for three hours on the water, but I can’t complain. Two fish is better than no fish and anyway being on the river is better than not being on the river.

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