River Seven, Yorkshire

Heavy nymphs do the trick at Spaunton


To the fast water of the Seven up at Spaunton Moor. The day was cool-ish with little sun but also little wind and the river looked in very good nick:

I had a brief internal debate about whether to go for the standard set-up of 7.5ft 3 weight and dry fly, or chance it with the 10ft 3wt and heavy nymphs fished French style. I was concerned that the greenery would seriously restrict me with the longer rod. Nonetheless that’s the one I plumped for, with these two flies:

As it turned out there was plenty enough water in the more open areas. I saw hardly any fish rise, so felt vindicated in my approach to go deeper. I set about prospecting whatever water I could flick the flies into. Nothing happened for about the first half hour, then I had a small one:

Followed almost immediately by another not quite so small:

The shallower water was producing little, but the deeper pools with disturbed water were proving fruitful.

I lost a couple of what felt like better fish, but picked up a few nonetheless. These were the best of the day – not too deep in the body:

Wading over the slippery rocks was treacherous and I did have one minor spill, soaking a sleeve and smacking a knee (again). I’m going to buy some longer studs for the wading boots. All in all a good day, with 11 fish in just under three hours. I can’t think I would have done half as well on the standard set-up. I have a sneaking feeling that this will be the method I use for most of my fishing on this stretch.

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  1. Morning Simon . Interesting to read how your skills have developed using the French style have developed over past couple of seasons. I am a season behind! Do you still use an indicator ? Looks like you use barbless hooks? I do now, all the time . I know you tie your own , but if ever thinking of buying online barbless-hooks , selling out of Scarborough way not just a great company but informative web site. Best. Ken

  2. Certainly getting more confident with it anyway Ken. Yes, I use a shocking-pink coiled thing that I bought online. Tried making my own but they were useless. It’s not bad and I think you definitely need something. Yes, I’ve heard people speak highly of Barbless Flies. Richard, the boss, is a member of the lower club of the Seven.

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