Pickering Beck

Moderate success with the beaded nymphs


Had a few hours on the Pickering Beck yesterday, starting off with French Leader and ending up with emerger. The emerger produced nothing. The two beaded nymphs I had on were these:

Had a bit of success in this pool: the water towards the top of the pic is a deepish pool where a number of fish generally hang out:

Had three or four little grayling like this:

And one nice trout, maybe 12 or 13″:

And that was that. Not bad.

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  1. Hi Simon
    Lovely fish and really good pictures as usual.
    Do you use your phone? I am always paranoid of dropping it in the water so end up with poor photos.
    Off to the Tees in a fortnight for three days so hopefully some fish there.

    1. Thanks Graham, much appreciated. I bought a camera for my fishing. In fact I’ve just invested in a waterproof one, having dunked its predecessor. Hope you have some success on the Tees!

  2. Nice fish Simon. I love fishing small streams, at present I am at Lairg hoping the rain goes will fill up some of the streams. Missing some of the Scourie hotel waters though.

    1. Thanks David, yes waters still a bit low here too. Ah, all those winter nights drifting off to sleep while rehearsing tactics for Sedgewicks – wasted! Oh well, only another 10 months (with luck).

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