River Seven, Yorkshire

Happy to get a few little ones in the heatwave


Out in the boiling heat yesterday on the lower beat of the Seven. The river was little more than a trickle in some places; low, slow and clear:

I didn’t think it was going to be easy and I was right. There were fish aplenty rising, but unsurprisingly picky. I worked my way through a handful of small flies trying to get some interest: IOBO at 18, midge at 22, deer hair emerger at 16. No dice. Eventually, as ever, I stuck on one of my foamy emergers as I was getting fed up with the others sinking. To cut a long story short I ended up plucking four small ones out, and lost what seemed like a better fish, which snatched furiously at the fly and the knot unravelled. Poor show. Here are a couple of the fish – all four were of the same ilk:

Four little fish in three hours. Could have been worse. Quite happy that my waders leak a bit – nice and cool on the lower leg at least.

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  1. Morning Simon . Sorry to read your recent post describing the environmental impact of pollution on Oxfolds Beck . Yes , it does bring the blues ! If you need an encouragement boost I recommend the book Wilding by Isabella Tree ( if not already read it). The power of nature to regenerate gives hope. I was also out on the Rye last evening. Kept hooking up with very small fish . Glad I now use barbless hooks . Grayling starting to be caught . Best . Ken

    1. Hi Ken, yes Oxfolds used to be a joy, now it’s not a huge amount of fun; I hope it does re-wild. Ha, the grayling make themselves scarce when I try to catch them in the winter!

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