Pickering Beck

Fish keep their heads down in the jungle


Up to Pickering Beck’s Duchy beat to do the invertebrate sampling then have a quick fish. For anyone interested in this kind of thing the count from the three-minute kick sample was as follows: gammarus,160; hepta, 10; cased caddis, 50; caseless caddis, 0; stonefly, 40; baetis, 40; mayfly, 6; bwo, 6.

The water was high and coloured, but eminently fishable. It can get pretty jungly:

I used a longer rod than normal – 7.5ft as opposed to 6ft – with the aim of swinging a couple of heavy nymphs through the water. I did that for an hour but nothing happened. So, yawn yawn, I switched to my standard emerger, one with an outsized foam head, and among some interesting structures like this:

managed to bring a grand total of three small fish to the hand:

It was hard work; I thought I was going to catch more. But I always think that.

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