Pickering Beck

Trout season ahoy!


And so at long last the trout season begins. With a slight uplift in temperatures it’s off to Pickering Beck for the first crack. This time of year is inevitably a struggle. The water looked ok, but not at its finest given the lack of greenery. Selected the 7ft rod with a 3wt line carrying a single partridge and orange and started off at the bottom of the beat here:


Nothing showing and nothing doing. I worked my way upstream for a good hour, covering spots like this:


but nary a sausage. I switched to a small goldhead pheasant tail to try to get a bit of depth on the fly. Soon I had a tug and hit something tiny, which slipped the hook. This happened again twice before I almost landed a titchy grayling. It too buggered off before it came to hand. Finally picked up this little specimen:


Doesn’t really count though does it, as we are looking for trout. But joy of joys, a cast into a bit of a shallow run yielded the first wild brown trout of the year. Not a monster I grant you, but a trout is a trout and more often than not on first day I blank.


So a great result as far as I am concerned. Five fish came to the fly, two were landed. Roll on the warmer weather!

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