A fly on the Rye


A generous invitation arrived for a day’s fishing on one of North Yorkshire’s premier rivers, the Rye. For one reason or another I haven’t done a lot of fly fishing this season, so this was a most welcome diversion.

My host’s club has extensive waters on the river, which flows down through the Howardian Hills north of York. Conditions on the day were not massively propitious – a bit of a chilly northerly wind and the water up a little and coloured, which is not ideal on this river.

Nevertheless, plenty to go at like this:

Nothing rising so after half an hour on the dry it was on with a beaded nymph, putting it into likely runs. This produced a nice grayling which was unwilling to pose for the camera, plus a pretty little wild brown:

Thereafter it was a leisurely day exploring this terrific water, albeit with little success as far as catching fish was concerned. But as we all know that is only half the beauty of fishing.

Anyhow, later into the afternoon after the sun had come up and on a shallower more riffly part of the river:

This little geezer came to the emerger:

And as far as the fish were concerned that was my lot for the day. But what a glorious setting and given the general crappiness of life over the past months what a joyful way to spend a day. Thank you John!

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  1. Great blog Simon
    Beautiful river….your a lucky man, I have wanted to fly fish on it all my life!
    I have seen otters…kingfishers, and lots more wildlife on this superb river.
    I am truly jealous! Really enjoy your writing, Simon….thank you.

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