River Seven, Yorkshire

Seven heaven (except for the wind)


Fishing in a 17 mph wind is not great fun at the best of times, but when it is coming straight at you from the north-east it can be a real pain. That’s what I was, literally, faced with when I nipped up to the River Seven for a session today. Wasn’t sure how I would cope with a 3 wt and a fair bit of bankside vegetation in those circumstances. That said, it was sunny and when I reached the water it looked a picture, albeit worryingly low, and furthermore fish were rising. This was the first run I tackled:


Put on a pretty biggish klink-style emerger, probably size 12, just to see if that would work. It’s easier to spot in the water. Managed to cut through the wind surprisingly well and cast to many dibbles on the surface – obviously small fish, but nothing took. Saw the odd one come up and have a look, then turn away disdainfully. So I switched to a size 16, similar pattern, and almost immediately aroused interest. After rising four or five, none of which attacked the fly with any enthusiasm, I connected with this little chap:


Not a monstro, but at least I wasn’t going to blank. Had another couple of similar size before moving upstream:


Not a lot showing there, so carried on up the river…


Things had gone quiet rise-wise but a splash on the fly brought in this tiddler:


Stopped for a bite of lunch and noticed a few fairly meaty olives coming off. I was struggling to see the small fly so decided to risk a bigger one with more buoyancy. Flung that around a bit in this stretch:seven4_3may17

But the rising fish were not interested. So it was back to the smaller fly and almost immediately hit this one:


So small fly was the order of the day. Picked up another half dozen before coming to a nice little island which has produced in the past.seven11_3may17

Got the fly into the deep cut running along the bank, a quick splash and this came to the hand:


Called it a day. Ten feisty little wild brown trout on a day that had initially seemed somewhat inauspicious.

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