Lower Derwent fishing

And it all looked so promising…


A wonderful day for a spot of winter fishing. No breeze, blue sky, keen frost. Went down at 2pm. The river looked stunning. This is the view from my swim:


The water had dropped by about a foot overnight, and people who know more about these things than I do say that fishing is more productive in a falling river than in a rising one. I was looking forward to a productive session.Alas, not a sniff. Got snagged early on and lost my ledger weight. Disturbed a party of six cormorants which were frolicking in the water about 20 yards downstream. Not sure whether the presence of cormorants is a good omen or not. Presumably they are pretty good at locating fish, so maybe if they are around then there might be some fish. On the other hand will all the fish have scarpered? I dunno.

But no fish at any rate. Where do they go at this time of year? Do they clear off and hole up somewhere, or are they still around but so torpid and sluggish in the cold water that they can’t be bothered to feed?

Still, saw the kingfisher, which always raises the spirits.

I am convinced there is a fat winter chub down there somewhere with my name on it. I shall persevere!

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