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I think I’m having a mid-life crisis. Again.  Rather than get myself a Harley, tattoos and a ponytail (ha, fat chance) I’ve gone a bought some kit. First off I thought I’d treat myself to a new tackle bag. I first started fly fishing probably in something like 1992 with a lesson from the genial and knowledgeable Derek Stratton, who used to own the Thirsk Angling Centre. After a couple of hours’ casting practice on Cod Beck we went back to the shop and I bought a load of inexpensive kit, including this cheapo Shakespeare bag:


It’s done remarkably well for some 25 years but was getting somewhat ragged, with split seams and one replaced strap. I use the bag for ancillary stuff like flask, lunch and maybe wading jacket. Anyhow, after considering a Hardy brook bag – very nice but a bit pricey – I came across this from Wychwood and picked it up for £40 online:


It’s leather and canvas and I think it looks pretty smart. Have yet to christen it.

Next up was a landing net. I haven’t used a net for 20 years. I find them cumbersome and generally a nuisance and in virtually all cases I can happily land a fish without one. But now that I have started to take pictures of fish, things have become a bit more complicated. It’s tricky even to hold a small fish in one hand and snap with the other. Bigger fish (admittedly few) present even more of a problem. So I plumped for one of these new-fangled (to me) rubber-meshed nets with a magnetic holder. Amazon, £24. Suspiciously inexpensive so don’t know how long it will last:


Finally a real indulgence. Decided to get myself a nice new hat and plumped for a Tilley:


I can’t bring myself to say how much it cost. My wife might read this…

Tight lines!


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  1. Another good blog Simon. I’d be interested to see how you get on with the net – I’ve been thinking about one of those for a little while. I heard once someone had written into their will that they hoped that after they had gone, their wife didn’t sell his fishing tackle for what he told her paid for it……

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