Grayling fishing | Pickering Beck

Let joy be unconfined!

After eight or nine outings in search of a grayling this winter – probably a total of what, 20 hours’ fishing? 25 maybe? – it happened. I was about to pack up after yet another fruitless session on Pickering Beck when I decided to have a cast into this pool with two weighted nymphs on […]

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Grayling fishing

Mrs Grayling remains elusive

The slog for a first grayling of the season remains futile. I’ve been out three or maybe four times over the past few weeks and have failed. I’ve picked up a few trout, both on the Seven and on Pickering Beck – some quite good ones – but no grayling. I got fed up with […]

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Lower Derwent fishing

Some solace from the slower water

First up, I had a couple of hours on the lower beat of the Seven last week. Same old story of the season, only one fish. This was on a tungsten beaded nymph: Well, no blank I suppose. Anyhow, today I repaired to the Derwent down the bottom of the field to see if anything […]

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Pickering Beck

Come on fish! Where are you hiding??

Time to put a stop to this fairly dismal run of form. The season has been pretty dire so far and there’s not much of it left to put things right. So it was up to Pickering Beck to stop the rot and pull out some decent quarry. Right, 7.5ft 3wt Burns, furled leader, short […]

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Oxfolds Beck, North Yorkshire

Still struggling…

Fed up with catching only miniscule fish – and barely any of those – I fancied putting a decent bend in the rod so headed up to Oxfolds Beck. As I’ve mentioned before there are some real stonkers in this little, crystal clear stream, but dreadful pollution has decimated the water. Last time I was […]

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River Seven, Yorkshire

Where has my fishing mojo gone?

To the lower beat of the Seven at Sinnington to bag a hatful on spiders. The weather was fine – sun breaking through the cloud, a rather sticky 19C and a nice tailwind. The river looked in good enough fettle, up a few inches after the rain and a useful drop of colour: I started […]

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